Tips for Choosing a Safe Baby Swimming Pool

Besides being fun, swimming is an activity that is beneficial for your little one. According to research, babies who are taught to swim will have better intelligence. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when you bring your little one to the baby pool. Basically, babies have started to be invited to swim since he was born. You also do not need to wait until he is immunized to take him swimming. Even so, the best time to take Little to the pool is when he was 6 months and over. Safe Baby Swimming Criteria The following are the recommended swimming pool criteria for your baby. Among them: For babies 6 months and under, make sure you don't take it to public swimming pools for all ages. The reason, the water in public swimming pools is too cold for babies at this age. Infants under the age of 6 months may only swim in swimming pools where the temperature of the water is around 32 degrees Celsius. Immediately lift your child from the pool, if you see his bo
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